Tamara Jug
Tamara Jug
  • Tamara Jug

  • Graphic & Web Designer
  • Front End Developer

I make websites.

Responsive, adaptive & modern!

From designing to coding, I make quality and fully responsive and adaptive websites, taking a special note on User experience. Websites are suitable for all devices and browsers.

For making websites from scratch, I use HTML5, Nunjucks, Sass, Bootstrap, Flexbox and jQuery. I also customize CMS - Wordpress and Joomla websites.

Tamara Jug Website
Tamara Jug Design

& I do graphic design!

Minimalistic and pixel perfect!

What you see is what attracts you at first. It’s what makes the product stand out from the crowd. I make professional logos, business cards, posters, brochures, icons, book covers, product packaging design... you name it!

I make vector and raster art using Adobe tools.



I'm kickin' Sasses.

Download the Clemo project for free!

  • Fully responsive layout
  • Based on Flexbox layout mode
  • HTML5
  • SCSS / Sass
  • FontAwesome icons
  • Owl Carousel
  • Masonry
  • Filtering items
  • Google Map integrated
  • Google Web Fonts (Montserrat)

Special thanks to Illia Nesterov for the design!


A little bit about...

I am Tamara Jug from beautiful Croatia. I studied Multimedia, Design and Application in my hometown, and Media Communications in Slovenia.

During my study, I started participating in online design contest, where I developed design skills. It led to updating my knowledge in coding, which I found very interesting!

I love the fact that my knowledge can help someone develop their business.

Click on the image below... It’s a surprise! Here you can find out some facts about me.

  • I bring my own snacks to the movies
  • Rain is a good weather
  • In grocery store, I even out products on shelves
  • Numbers, dates, years... I'm a fish
  • I love math & geometry
  • Typography is fun
  • Privacy is important to me
  • I love tattoo art
  • I love crosswors puzzles and mind games
  • I'm optimistic
  • I'm not a morning person
  • I have no tolerance on stupidity
  • I enjoy the art of photography
  • I'm a woman, therefore sometimes I don't know what I want
  • I would like to see every place and meet every culture on Earth, but I don't feel like traveling
  • I'm not a sports type of a person
  • I can't understand people who hate others based on prejudices
  • I'm a planner / I don't know hoe to live day by day
  • I believe in a cliché that happiness is meaning of life
  • I have no problem admitting I was wrong
  • I'm hypochondriac and arachnofobic
  • I appreciate honest and just people
  • I believe in the power of mind
  • If I could change one thing from my past, it would be absolutely nothing
  • I feel my blood running when something is slightly out of its center
  • Reading books makes me sleepy, unless it's Zagorka or Christie
  • In some aspects of life, I'm spoiled
  • I love colors, except for the blue one
  • My name means palm tree (Bible)
  • I'm slowly updating the list of vegetables I ever tasted
  • I like comedies and thrillers
  • It's always sunny in Philadelphia
  • I love coffee. I love coffee. I love coffee. I love coffee.
  • I'm better listener than talker
  • If computers didn't exist, I would be a cook. Or an ancient architect
  • I update my life only with positive people and it is refreshing
  • I avoid reading news about celebrities
  • I respect anyone who respects me
  • I can't fall asleep if it's dark & silent
  • Mosquitos adore me
  • I'm open minded - at least I think so
  • There was a rum cake on my first birthday. Oh happy day...
  • I have a punker parrot, an owl-looking cat and 4-5 fishes, various
  • There's a story on which I probably have some blue blood
  • I choose salty snacks over sweet ones
  • When I was little I couldn't figure out how does a car know when to turn
  • I once escaped the kindergarten, went shopping and run out without paying
  • I have strong opinions but I often question them because I think that's good
  • I don't like wearing #00000
  • I'm capable on writing an essay on something I know nothing about
  • I don't believe in destiny
  • I could watch cooking shows all day long
  • Golden section fascinates me
  • I never ate an olive
  • Whoa, thank you very much for reading it all! Now you can start over...